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Frequently Asked Questions about Catering and Event Planning:

NOTE: We try to anticipate questions that you may have about our many PRODUCTS & SERVICES.. for more info., please send us an email via "Contact Us" , and YOUR PREFERRED CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE # as well, including the nature of your concern. We will respond within 2-3 business days with an answer and time to converse.


What is the most popular entree served for weddings?

CHICKEN is the most popular dish, followed by BAKED ZITI


What are the most common appetizers served ?

All of our apps are popular, but the most requests come from "easy to eat" apps; such as: bruschetta, chicken fingers, pasta salads, fried buffalo wings, etc.


When should I think about hiring and planning my special wedding/event?

You should always plan MUCH SOONER than expected; due to the many planning considerations of any event ; but the general rule of thumb is:

One year or sooner for weddings, and at least 4-6 months ahead for reunions and holiday gatherings. Birthdays also are suggested 3-4 months ahead of schedule; there is more competition for venues and caterers, as there are more economical weddings than ever before; due to a tighter economy.


Why should we hire your catering company, vs. cooking ourselves?

It seems initially like you can economize and save on labor costs to hire a professional caterer and coordinator, but that is a false concept!

We can obtain much better costs on food and save you less stress and effort; by smoothly coordinating all the little details of your event from start to finish ! It is a false economic sense indeed, as most people are unaware of all the little extra costs involved in the various aspects of event planning and catering, including: serverware, extra insurance costs you need to cover for actual venue liablility, bartenders,etc. It is well worth essential peace of mind to hire a professional caterer (such as us) to oversee , coordinate, and ensure a successful and worry-free event! Remember, memories can be either great or disastrous ones; depending on your decision to hire (or not).. Choose to ensure and create great memories, by hiring us for all your events! 









Catering excellence begins with us! Featuring creative, succulent dishes and gluten-free products, as well as multicultural ethnic cuisine dishes , that tempt and delight your senses! We feature a full -line of custom-baked products just for you. We also  specialize in particular dietary needs; and all of our food is very reasonably priced.

Please make sure to browse our full website for pictures of some of our delicious dishes and menus.    Our motto is: 'If you dream it, we can achieve it!" Call us today !

"Whisk Me Away" catering is:

A professional company, with an ongoing & committed mission for customer service excellence! We have  current "Serv-Safe" training/certification, and are a member of NJRA (NJ Restaurant  Assoc.) 


E-mail us anytime at: "whiskmeaway catering4u@        gmail.com "


We are affiliiated with many venues in your local surrounding area-

please email us or  call us for details.


**All of our wonderful creations are made from scratch ; never outsourced or frozen .**


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